About Us


To develop and improve the pig/pork industry; to position Jamaican pig/pork as the preferred choice of Jamaican consumers and to ensure that the industry is sustained as a major contributor to the development of the economy.


To make Jamaica self-sufficient in pig/pork and make local pig/pork production an internationally competitive agro-industrial sub-sector; ensuring long term viability and sustainable of pig/pork production operations.


Ø To assist and or organize efficient packages or services on a non-profit, no-loss basis to the pork producers to improve feeding, breeding, management, and marketing of pig with the intention of maximizing returns to pig farmers.
Ø To establish, promote and maintain programs to enhance and improve the economic welfare of pig farmers.
Ø To promote and protect the Jamaica pig industry in particular pig farmers in Jamaica against the dumping of subsidized imported pork and pork products.
Ø To organized co-operatives and other forms of farmers’ organizations for small farmers in order that they may get the full benefits and activities at the association.
Ø To promote research, development and application of science and technology in all aspects of pork production, processing, marketing and environmental impact issues.
Ø To promote or oppose any measure affecting pig farmers.
Ø To collect co-ordinate and disseminate information which may be of interest or assistance to pig farmers.
Ø To enter into agreements with other bodies for the advancement of the pig industry and the protection of farmers .

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