Pork prices up by 4%


THE Jamaica Pig Farmers’ Association last night announced a four per cent increase in the price of live pigs and pork being sold to meat processors and traders, effective Monday, May 12.

According to president of the association, Delroy Manya, the increase comes into effect after an island wide consultation with pig farmers and a very “careful analysis” of the industry.

“Faced with continued spikes in production costs from a devaluating dollar, high cost of essential inputs such as feed, water, labour, medication and petrol as well as electricity, an increase at this time is absolutely necessary to keep production levels up, and to avert any shortage that will result in the need to resort to importation,” Manya said in a statement last night.

“[Pig farmers] continue to improve on efficiencies, but despite efforts to maintain our production costs, farmers continue to face escalating expenditures which are now far above our threshold to absorb and all strategies have been exhausted,” he added.

The increase to processors and traders will result in moderate increases to the consumer, the association said. However, it called for the continued support of Jamaicans to consume local pork as its quality, food safety standards and nutritional values are guaranteed.

“The sector has been able to significantly reduce importation over the last four years due to the commitment and continued investment of local pig farmers to food security and national development,” said the association.



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